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Russian visa information

Usefull information

After you receive you Invitation

After that, when you receive your invitation, you will need:

  • the completed application form (FORM95) which you can download;
  • 1 passport photograph;
  • Consular fee;
  • passport (must be valid for minimum of 6 months after leaving Russia.) (Some countries still only require a photocopy of the pages with your signature and photograph on.)
  • prepaid self-addressed envelope for return of passport and visa.

The Russian Consulate then sends you your visa by mail (or FedEx).

  • For some European citizens a CARD of INSURANCE is required.
  • There may be an additional consular fee if you are not a citizen of the country where you are applying.

The specific rules at various Russian embassies may vary. We recommend you check the local website (see below for some helpful address ...)

Information about Russian Visa: After you arrive to Russia
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