After you arrive to Russia


Russian visa information

Usefull information

You bring the visa with you when you fly to Russia and present it at immigration at the airport (they stamp it).

Important: All foreigners are given migration cards upon their arrival to Russia.

The migration card is a small document consisting of two sides (A and B). Both sides have a form printed on it, containing your personal data such as your name, surname, birth date, passport number, nationality and period of stay in the Russian Federation. Side A is given upon entry in the Russian Federation, while Side B is handed to the FMS upon leaving the country. The system allows the FMS to keep track of all the foreigners present in Russia.

Since 15 January 2007, new migration laws have come into force in Russia which partially affect the migration and registration procedures. According to the law, the hosting party (family, friends, organization, employer etc.) must inform the territorial department of the FMS of the arrival of the foreign national.

The organization (or Russian citizen), which invited the foreigners may choose to either personally visit the competent organ of the FMS, or send the notification by mail. If the hosting party cannot fulfill this duty, the foreign national may go to the territorial department of the FMS and do so himself.

The foreign national may be registered for as long as he/she wants, but not longer than the expiry date of the visa.

If the stay of the foreign national in the Russian Federation is less than 3 working days (excluding bank holidays and weekends), it is unnecessary to undergo the registration procedure.

The hotel may act as the hosting party. Therefore the management of the hotel needs to prepare the necessary documents and notify the FMS.

Infringement of the migration law will result in the foreign national being banned for entering the country for up to 5 years.